GIRLSTAR reviews

Desi Oakley as Tina […] looks and moves like the flesh-and-blood incarnation of a Disney feature animation leading lady, and she can sing. Oakley has obvious star power. -Washington City Paper

Desi Oakley has the inherent sweetness and earnest/honest nature to make us miraculously care about Tina's plight and expansive vocal range to pull off her many numbers ("Brand New," and "Who Would I Be," are vocal standouts). -Broadway World

The stupendously talented Desi Oakley not only sings the role with exceptional heart but lives in the moment of the tragically flawed fairytale protagonist [...] Oakley successfully delivers a realistic portrayal of this storybook construct. Her voice is strong and well-tuned, delivering solid sustains that are bursting with emotion during solos like “Tonight” and “Brand New.” Her eleven o’clock hour, “Who Would I Be?” is harrowing and soulful, filled with the vibrant resonance of her emotional and vocal range. -Theatre Bloom

As Tina, Desi Oakley is a spunky presence, with a sweet soprano voice as she sings songs of hope for her future […] her take on becoming the next sassy young featured musical star ala say, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus, is an appealing delight. -DC Metro Theatre Arts